staging innovative stories

staging innovative stories



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To conexkt.

Bringing together a group of thoughtful people to launch innovative projects.

What we do. 

Values > Stories > Projects

  1. Clarify, examine, and make sense of the underlying values driving your business or project idea(s) 
  2. Accompany you in identifying the stories you want to tell with your new project(s)
  3. Assist you in telling and sharing your stories effectively
  4. Design platforms to create innovative projects 

We launch and make your projects grow.

We can help

  • launching a think tank
  • editing the script of your play or show
  • designing a website
  • launching a video project
  • writing a book or a newspaper article
  • giving you feedback on an idea, a project, an article, a talk you are preparing
  • finding a name and logo for your project
  • writing a press release
  • setting up your social media account
  • setting up a crowdfunding proposal
  • designing a science communication project
  • preparing slides for your talk
  • finding speakers for your event
  • preparing your press conference 
  • approaching sponsors & partners 
  • organizing a conference
  • translating your documents 
  • etc.

Our values.

We Do

  • want to help you with your projects
  • aim to be authentic
  • love to start new things
  • like to make connections 

We don't 

  • value money more than people
  • say we are too busy
  • value quantity over quality
  • love hierarchies 

Updated March 15, 2017. List inspired by this guy

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